Swatch cards are a simple and affordable way to present your fabric choices to your customers. You can produce this swatch card in almost any configuration. You can have multiple fabric squares with a master swatch or feeler swatch depending on your sales presentation. If you have a lot of fabric to show, battleribbons are a great way to present a lot of fabric at one time. Or, waterfall the fabric so your customers can lift up the swatches and feel the quality of the fabric. Utilizing swatch cards, 2 panel or multi-panel folders, will help maximize your presentation without having to lug around raw goods.
For a clean, finished look, a window card separates the fabrics by the window’s die cut borders and lets your customer focus on each individual swatch at a time. Window cards also work great for fabrics that are delicate or have issues staying flat against a normal swatch card. If you feel your fabric falls within these categories or if you just want a sleek look, window cards are the way to go.
Memo swatches tend to be smaller cuts of fabric giving your customers a nice simple way to check out and take home your product. You can combine your entire catalog of fabric on one ring or leave a few memo swatches attached together as a collection for your customers to pick from. Think of memo swatches as your business card - all of the information about your company listed plus the product's content.
Tabbed swatch cards are designed to go into a binder so your can easily navigate and update your product line or fabric collection. Utilizing a regular binder or a custom binder we've made for you with tabbed swatch cards, allows your customer to navigate and choose the right product for them at ease. Updating or expanding your colorline, tabbed cards are the perfect solution.
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