The Customer Service Department - An average of 30+ years working in the textile and flooring industries, Customer Service can answer any questions / FAQ’s you may have regarding all facets of sampling. This will include but not limited to: questions on the process of quoting your job, ordering of your product, requirements needed for all sampling, and the construction concerns you may have to help represent your product properly. Experience is what makes American Sample the leader in sample making. We’ve seen it all and have the solution for you.

The Art Department – Is qualified to handle ANY request you may have. We use the latest technology on a Macintosh based platform and design with the latest programs available on the Creative Cloud… an Adobe Suite program collection. We are, however, PC literate as well. With our average of 20+ years experience in the computer graphic industry, we can assist you in the brainstorming of your new book design, help in design coordination to the fabrics or other materials to the cover by color matching and/or design the product sample for you based on your criteria. The Art Department also has a photography studio with professional lighting to capture your material’s beauty and characteristics. If you’re not familiar or how to utilize photography within your sample book, inquire within for all possible examples.

The Print Department is where the magic all happens… Working along side with the Art Department ensures that all artwork follows the visions of our customers to meet their expectations and beyond. We are capable of producing artwork from a simple label imprinting to a large size format of 49” wide x 32” in height as a 1 piece layout. Our experienced printers of 30+ years know all the tricks of the trade to give your artwork the crisp, color correct, standout quality you would want to expect.

The Production Division – Let our hands do the talking for us… Quality, precise, accurate, straight and on-time. We are set up and can handle any amount of work you need from us. From the largest of jobs to the smallest, we treat all orders with the upmost care and of importance. Let us handle your next product launch and we promise to help you succeed.

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